EBS Television of Korea has recently broadcasted a TV program on an unforeseen meeting in emotion between Vietnamese seafarer Le Van Tuat and his family in Korea. This program talks about the life of foreign worker in Korea.  EBS Television has arranged script and recorded in secret this program both in Korea and Vietnam as well as sponsored fee for the meeting which created incidental moment for insiders themselves.

We post the link which you can view its full content https://youtu.be/JKGqb_2BJRk

Seafarer Le Van Tuat born in fishing traditionalized family at sunny and windy coastal village of Central province (Quang Phu commune, Quang Trach district, Quang Binh province). He was recruited and deployed by International Manpower Supply and Trade Joint Stock Company (SONA) to be a seafarer to Korea in June 2015. Since arriving in Korea, he has worked hard with high study and discipline motivated spirit and received many compliment from his employer.

It is 7th year since SONA has deployed seafarer to Korea. Up to now, SONA has deployed about 1,000 seafarers to this labour market. Seafarers are working in good environment with ensured income.

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